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S01E23: Daisy’s Brakes’n Toenails

Daisy the Beast needed brake work done very badly. And, to our surprise, we were gifted custom paint work on DTB’s toenails too! Special Thanks to E.Seward – you are a man with a big …

S01E25: Fantastic Fan Install

Fantastic Vent (aka: “Fantastic Fan”) Install in under 5 minutes. We decided to bust the bank and put in a Fantastic Fan. Pricey, yes. Worthwhile, Yes. PRODUCTS: EternaBond Tape – Fantastic Vent –

S01Extra04: No Biting

Walter and Roy have a meeting of the minds..and Betty gets vocal.. Don’t forget to check out Patreon

Daisy the Beast gets a Spa Day..

Daisy was severely lacking in the brakes department and we hooked up with great & generous friends in Red Deer, Alberta, to get them brakes taken care of. As it turned out, the front brakes …