About the Expand Tour:
Together we make up a husband-wife team that is set to go on an incredible adventure starting April 2017! We will have a multitude of principle skills to serve you, including but not limited to, private functions, consumer and commercial photography, video editing, website hosting/building, web media production.
Please follow our journey online; We look forward to meeting and interacting many of you!

Roy is a veteran photographer who has an incredible eye for creating images and has over 30 years of experience under his belt. He loves all aspects of the art of photography and business side too. His outgoing nature and sense of humor carry him on adventures that shares with Betty and documents for your enjoyment.

Betty has decades of business management and marketing background behind her to compliment the always growing love for the art of photography.  She is modest at first glance, but once warmed up, can be the life of a party. With a sharp wit and careful eye to detail, she will take Canada by Storm and be the perfect traveling partner at Roy & Betty TV.