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Roy and Betty

Our Story (and we’re sticking to it!):

In the Fall of 2016 we were tired of living an over-priced, rutted life in the city of Calgary and needed a positive change. We put some money together purchased Daisy the Beast. She was a 1985 Fleetwood Pace Arrow and butt-ugly, but lovable. All of the equipment worked that would sustain us on our western exploration of Canada, and in April 2017 we set off with no particular idea of how challenging it would be.

We spent almost two years boondocking and exploring Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. We shot two weddings and created thousands of hours of memorable YouTube video and audio content, made a tonne of contacts and friends.

Over the course of our Expand Tour, we knew that we’d have to settle down a little to replenish our war-chest. We did so on Coastal British Columbia, in the Fraser Valley. We did not regret our decision, as we found a beautiful acreage to stay on that didn’t infringe on our initially meager job opportunities. Eventually, after settling in, we found our grove and passed Daisy the Beast onto someone else to enjoy.

We switched up our full-time RV status by purchasing a 24ft Fleetwood 5th wheel, and are still loving our simple, inexpensive way of life. Since we love the outdoors and you can’t hold us down, we saved and bought a 2004 Mazda Tribute. Our unofficial mission is to bring as much original British Columbia adventuring content to you, our viewers. We will be going out to explore this amazing province as often as possible, so stay tuned for more of our story.

We are also happy to share, we celebrated our recent Wood Anniversary in, you guessed it, the woods.


Before we left Calgary, we rescued Walter White, a Great Pyrenees/Lab cross from the Calgary Humane Society. He was about 1 year old when we got him. As a rescue, he had several pressing issues that we found challenging to train out of him. Over the span of more than two years, we worked with him consistently gave him all of our Love. Sadly, we realized that what we had to offer him was not enough and the situation proved too overwhelming for both Walter, and us.

After researching and reaching out for almost six months, and just before Christmas 2018, we found an awesome new home for the big-boi – on a Farm in Maple Ridge BC, where he had 4 other dog buddies and tens of acres to run around in freely. There were other farm animals, which where right up his alley too.

We miss him a lot, every day, and know he’s in a way better place to be his best-self. It’s really tough letting go; the right decisions are the hardest to make, and are the best show of Love one can give.