kohler 4500w

RV Generator issues!

Back in Video Episode 01 of this season we hinted on having some issues with the old on-board RV Generator.  It is a Kohler 4500W RV Genset build around 1985 though not the original generator in this unit.  It worked very well for us (aside from fuel usage) for the whole spring, summer, and fall!  But then when we needed it, it took a crap!

  • massive fuel usage (about a gallon an hour according to specs and observations)
  • muffler fell off (twice)
  • wouldn’t stay started

kohler 4500w

Starting issue with Kohler RV Generator.

We never did find the problem after a great deal of trouble shooting with it.  It was intermittent at first but then became a constant.  You would start it either at the console or on the genset itself and it would just die as soon as you let go of the starter.  We could have removed the unit and taken it in for repair, however this likely would have cost upwards of $500 and it is a HUGE unit.  Not to mention we would still be stuck with the ridiculous amounts of fuel usage and a non existent muffler (add another $200 repair there).

RV Generator CHOICES!!!

So many to choose from!  Our budget was tight though.  Would have been nice to buy a Honda but at $1500 or so this was not in our budget. We also had the issue of we needed power NOW.  With temperatures below freezing and zero solar being produced we had to just make a choice.  And with easy availability it came down to the Honda or the Firman 1700W/2100W Inverter.  The price tag on the Firman was only $699 at London Drugs but there also only ONE left in all of the GVRD!!!!!!  So we raced there and picked it up. (BTW this was also the day we noticed the beginning of the white smoke radiator problems)

The numbers:

It has been a while since we did this so I will try to remember the numbers involved. This is easy rounded numbers assuming 4 litres per gallon though I know this is not 100% accurate.  And 4 hours a day was an average while using such an intense generator we really tried to limit our usage.

  • *The Firman will run about 8 -12 hours in eco mode on .9 Gallons. Will even just use low end of 8 hrs.  Thats 0.1125 gallons per hour.
  • Fuel in Kohler @4 hrs per day
    • 1 gallon per hour at 4 hours is 4 gallons per day
    • $1.30/litre, 4 litres per gallon 4 gallons a day
    • 1.30/l *4 *4=$20.8 per day
    • * 30 = $624/month
  • Fuel in Firman @4 hrs per day –
    • 0.1125 gallon per hour at 4 hours a day is 0.45 gallons per day
    • 1.30/litre, 4 litres per gallon, 0.45 gallons per day
    • 1.30/l * 4*0.45 = $2.34 per day
    • * 30 = $70.20
  • an estimated savings of $553.80/month!!!!!!

So the Firman 1700W/2100W Inverter we have had for two months and ran a lot for that time has already paid for itself!!!!

You too can purchase one through Amazon with our affiliate link provided.

Feel good ending!!!!

What do you do with the old dead weight generator????  Our decision was to call the shop teacher at Roy’s old high school and offer it to them as a project.  Only caveat being they had to come and take it out themselves!  Two lovely young men showed up to remove it and did a great job!  Last we heard from the school the boys were working hard on it and almost had it running again!