Best Laid Plans

Full Time RV Lifestyle
Daisy parked in Downtown Burnaby

Some of you might be wondering where we have been and why we have not made too many videos as of late. I hope to answer some questions for you and explain some full time rv set backs.

Often when people set out on an adventure they can make the best of plans, and some work wonderfully and well.. some don’t.

When we started this plan a year ago we had the highest hopes that everything in our plan would work. We all know that isn’t a reality. We did get to spend our entire spring and summer and most of fall travelling around western Canada and having some epic adventures. Some of which we have not even posted video on yet. We met so many fun people and took so many great photos and video and had so much fun.

The plan for winter, being cold and in a classic non insulated RV was to go to the Coast and spend winter working and building funds for our next travel season. This is where the plan kinda didn’t work as well as we planned. And now we know what to change for the future and what we have to do now to make our adventure a success.

Plans don’t always stay in place

First issue was work.

We have not found enough work in our fields to sustain us over the winter. Finding work in an area where we can Urban Boondock in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) wasn’t as easy as we had hoped. Roy’s profession is pretty slow this time of year. Next time we line something up well ahead of time if possible. As well as try to build our ongoing revenue streams as we go. So we have made enough to get by but the majority of our time is spent looking for work or places to stay. Luckily we have an answer to both now!

Second was REPAIRS!!!!!!!

Everything broke! We ended up spending the last of our reserve fund on some major repairs we were not anticipated (but were prepared for).

Our Generator went out.

This was actually a blessing in disguise for many reasons. We were boondocking up on Burke Mountain on a job site with no power so were using our generator a lot! The old Kohler 4.5kw however was a gas guzzling monster!!!! So we would only use it as absolutely necessary to keep warm and have a bit of computer use. Very little video editing as it is a bit power intensive on the RV and laptop batteries. Then she stopped starting. Nothing we could do would get her running properly. So we decided after running the numbers to just pull it out and get a quiet inverter generator to suite our needs. That was $800 (but has paid for itself). I will write more about that later.

Next was our radiator.

We started noticing some white smoke when we came to a stop after driving and immediately thought the worst that we had blown the head gasket. We had a very long uphill drive every time we left our boondocking location and Daisy would heat up pretty good. After we got her parked and let her cool off over night I started her up and let her warm up a bit and BAM rad fluid going everywhere. Oh no!! Cracked block??? We are done!!! But I tracked it down to a very leaky radiator. Had blown a hole at the top right side. It had to be replaced! We were able to get this done to the tune of $1600 and again I will write more on that later!

After that we had Christmas and new years and a couple weeks without full time work and it really got us down and out. New jobsite started up in January but only a few hours of work a day!!!! So back on the job search. Roy has now found something to get us by and we are making plans to do things differently for a while.

When plans change roll with it

This may mean that we stay put in the GVRD for quite a while as we save money and pay bills so we can travel again! And we have excellent plans for that idea and will still be able to do adventure and fun and VIDEOS while we are here! And most importantly remain Full Time Rvers.

So stay tuned for more, especially in the Blog section for the next while, as with my work, I have time to write, work, do RV maintenance (now its the water heater)and that is about it.

Thank you all for you support and for following us and your patience as we make some adjustments!

Betty (and Roy)