Month: July 2017

S01E23: Daisy’s Brakes’n Toenails

Daisy the Beast needed brake work done very badly. And, to our surprise, we were gifted custom paint work on DTB’s toenails too! Special Thanks to E.Seward – you are a man with a big …

S01E25: Fantastic Fan Install

Fantastic Vent (aka: “Fantastic Fan”) Install in under 5 minutes. We decided to bust the bank and put in a Fantastic Fan. Pricey, yes. Worthwhile, Yes. PRODUCTS: EternaBond Tape – Fantastic Vent –

S01E24: Red Rock CANYON

None of us had every been down to Waterton Lakes National Park. So we grabbed Bradman and off we went. We spent the first day and that night at Crandell Mountain Campground and had a …

S01Extra04: No Biting

Walter and Roy have a meeting of the minds..and Betty gets vocal.. Don’t forget to check out Patreon

S01-Extra03: Kings Park Speedway

Check out the in-car action teaser Hot Lap with car #42 out at Kings Park Speedway in Regina, Saskatchewan !! Keep your eyes peeled for more action – coming soon! Kings Park Speedway Don’t forget …